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This form allows existing customers to make insurance premium payments over the web.
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Terms and Conditions

Payments made to RIO Insurance Brokers Inc. are subject to the following terms and conditions:
  1. Use of this system is restricted to existing or former customers of RIO Insurance Brokers Inc.
  2. You may use this system to remit payment for premium and/or service fees relating to any insurance product or service that you have purchased through RIO Insurance Brokers Inc.
  3. Payment of premium does not automatically provide you with insurance coverage from any insurer or RIO Insurance Brokers Inc.
  4. If your coverage has been suspended or cancelled, payment of any outstanding balance on your account does not automatically reinstate your policy.
  5. The existence of insurance coverage can only be confirmed by notice in writing from RIO Insurance Brokers or by speaking directly with your Broker or in writing from your insurer.
  6. At all times the use of this system will be subject to the terms and conditions of your individual insurance policy which may change from time to time.
Return Policy

In the event that there is a credit balance on your account as the result of an overpayment or cancellation of your insurance policy the amount owing to you will be refunded via cheque from RIO Insurance Brokers Inc.