What to do in the event of a claim?

Your insurance policy contains some conditions outlining your obligations when a loss occurs. Please take the time to read these conditions. We have listed some broad guidelines as general information for you.
  1. Report the incident to RIO Insurance Brokers Inc. as soon as possible.
  2. To report a claim after office hours, please contact the insurance company directly at the toll free number listed in the contact list below. Be sure to have your policy number available.
  3. Be prepared to provide all details of the loss including property losses and injuries sustained.
  4. Notify the police if you suspect a crime has been committed. Take down pertinent details from the officer like the report number, badge number, division.
  5. Do not make any admissions of liability/fault, or attempt to settle the loss on your own.
  6. Take all reasonable action to prevent further loss of inventory or property. Prepare an inventory of damaged or lost property with its value.
  7. We will help you present your claim to the company i.e.: completing forms or explaining coverages.


AVIVA - Elite Insurance Company1 866 692 8482
AVIVA Insurance Company of Canada1 866 692 8482
Boiler & Inspection Insurance Company of Canada416 363 5491
ENCON Group Inc.1 877 732 2879
Gore Mutual Insurance Company1 800 265 8600
Grain Insurance & Guarantee1 800 373 2224
Guarantee Company of North America1 800 268 6617
Intact Insurance Company1 866 464 2424
JEVCO Insurance Company1 800 206 4700
Novex Insurance1 866 464 2424
Perth Insurance Company1 800 607 2424
Royal & Sun Alliance Facility1 800 319 9993
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company1 800 319 9993

Claims Forms

CSIO Auto Notice of Loss CSIO Auto Property of Loss